Used Clothing

Small bales

The bulk of our exports are sent as small bales, compressed 100 lb units for East Africa and/or 55kg units for West Africa, generally loaded into 40 ft high cube ocean containers.

We offer all season clothing:

  • summer clothing,

  • children clothing,

  • shoes,

  • belts,

  • purses

  • household items.

We generally follow categorization commonly found in the industry but we are amenable to customize as required.

India and Pakistan Big Bales


We provide industry standard items, often used for reprocessing, such as Mixed Sweaters, Wool, Broken Jeans, Color Knit, Wool Sweaters, White Shirts, Ladies Elastic Cotton Pants, Mix Pyjama, Wool Shirts, Capri, Ladies Elastic Denim Pants, Printed Sweatshirts, Summer Fashion Shawl, Cotton Scarves, Printed Rayon Pants etc…


Sweaters, Household Rummage, Jeans, Bed Sheets, Leather, Comforters, Panchos etc…

We can also ship uncategorized used clothing in large bales 1000lbs +. Should you be looking for items that are not listed here, please let us know what you are looking forand we will gladly add it to our production.   

Vintage Clothing

Through our sourced raw material we often come across rare hard-to-find pieces of clothing that would appeal to those that are vintage-fashion inclined. As such we have several customers that purchase hand picked vintage clothing that would otherwise be extremely hard to find. We have customers from Japan, Korea, America, Europe, and North America. We are open for you to visit our facility and for you to hand select your own personal creative styles.


Rock T-Shirts

Levis Big E

1920’s to 1970’s


Through our process of sorting and grading our raw material we end up with a vast quantity of material that we separate and bale as uncut wipers to be used in several industries including:

The industrial wipers we sell include:

Jogging wipers, both color and white
Cotton ganzie wipers, both color and white
Flannel wipers, both color and white
Terry wipers, both color and white
Fleece wipers, both color and white
White mix wipers
Jean wipers
Light Cotton

Heavy Cotton