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Delta Textiles Exporters Inc.

Delta Textiles Exporters Inc. is in the business of recycling used clothing, shoes, belts and purses for resale, supplying rags and wipers to various industries and also to thrift and vintage apparel stores around the globe.

Our Vision

To divert textile and clothing waste from landfills and to extend their lives simultaneously providing the less fortunate with affordable apparel and recycled inputs in new product manufacturing.

Our aim is to reduce the impact of waste on the Earth as well as the strain put on the planet by fast fashion.
Our Facility
  • We are a 2nd generation family-based business founded in the late 80’s
  • We employ nearly 50 employees at our facility
  • We operate in over 40,000 sq ft of warehouse space and process more than 60,000 lbs of used clothing and textiles per day

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Clothing Recycling

The process starts from the collection of unwanted clothing from prior users. Once we receive the used pieces of clothing we sort them by what’s wearable and what isn’t – typically damaged, soiled and synthetic fabrics make for unwearable clothing. Wearable clothing is then sorted by category which is determined by size, age, gender, and fabric.
As a result Recycled Clothing can them be slotted into one of the following categories:

  • Small bales of Recycled Clothing (Often termed Friperie, Mitumba, Ropa Usada)
  • Industrial Wipers
  • Big Bales of Recycled Items for Processing (Destined for repurposing in South Asia)
  • Vintage Clothing (Cherished historic fashion pieces to the Discernable eye)

Affordable, Fashionable and Premium Used Clothing Within Reach

We are competitive in pricing without compromising quality and we are able to service the entire world geographically, no matter where you are located.

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