About Us

Delta Textiles Exporters Inc. is in the business of recycling used clothing, shoes, belts and purses for resale, supplying rags and wipers to various industries and also to thrift and vintage apparel stores around the globe.

Delta Textiles Exporters Inc. has been in existence for over 20 years and has its roots in the Greater Vancouver area. We are well known in the global used clothing industry as an established supplier that offers high quality goods at competitive prices.

At our facility, we received vast quantities of locally and foreign sourced raw material which we then grade, put through a strenuous quality control process, package and then ship to regions across the world. Our main export markets for used clothing span all of the African continent to the far east as well as Central and Latin America. Specific market countries include but are not limited to Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Monrovia, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Serbia etc… You can find our products all over used clothing markets including Gikomba and all others alike.

We also supply bi-products and wipers to local markets, Pakistan, and the Indian subcontinent. Our vintage clothing customers are generally local (North America) and from Japan as well as Korea.

Delta Textiles Exporters Inc. is committed to renewable solutions in helping to aid in diverting large quantities of used clothing away from the landfills that they would otherwise end up in. Further we are very active in our community and have helped to employ a large workforce in the Greater Vancouver area. We have a great passion for used clothing, mitumba, friperie and all its names alike.